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List of Materials: Cutting, Engraving, and Marking

Fantom Laser Material Tables (1920 × 1200 px)_edited.jpg

Please note:

  1. Some materials are natural or may have inconsistent properties. Each substrate is unique. Results may vary. Imperfections in materials may be exposed or accentuated after laser engraving, marking or cutting.

  2. A laser is being used to engrave, mark or cut. Burnt edges may and or will be present. A burnt smell may and or will be present with certain materials. This will dissipate over time.

  3. Metal, glass and ceramic marking require and additional step of applying a coating for the laser to use to mark the substrate. Available colors in metal marking are: black, white and copper. Available colors for glass and ceramic marking are: bronze, blue, black, green and white.

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